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We’ve been striving for the past 6 years to provide the Best Music Promotion Services for thousands of artists. Every creator’s goal is to have their music heard by a large audience. We will make it easier for you to build a solid legit foundation of followers and subscribers and have your music heard worldwide. We always provide 100% Real and organic music promotion to our clients.

You can easily choose from our social media promotion packages covering all the main networks relevant in promoting artists. Promote your work to your target audience through SpotifyYouTubeBeatport, and Instagram. We will do the hard work necessary to consolidate an audience of real people, with real accounts and following the rules of each individual social network.

We know that in today’s world, every artist must build a strong social media branding and constantly work on optimizing it. This is where our experience comes to help you reach the trending lists, and gain new followers, and plays.

Through our experience and hard work with more than 10,000 happy clients so far, We have proved our skills to be able to deliver fast and reliable service at a very competitive price.

Best Price – Premium Service
Black White Promotion

Real Music Promotion

Our company always provide 100% real and authentic music promotion.We don’t use any bots or other softwares to get plays, views,likes,comments,followers or streams.

Best In The Game

Over 3 Years our company do Music Promotions. So we know what we are doing. we have the best Music promoters in the game.

Affordable Price For Music Promotion

You Should know that Organic Music Promotion Isn’t cheap.There are cheap promoters out there. They all are doing fake promotions using bots.Those promotions never get you anywhere.

No #1 Instagram Promotion.

Everyone wants a large number of followers, Likes, Comments, Views for variety of reasons. Some people think the number of followers is nothing, but yes it is.

That’s why to buy Instagram followers, likes, Comments and views are very important. Though having the number inflated might not be the most valuable thing but having the right set of people as followers. It is very good for your brand.

Picking the right set of people from the several people who wants to follow you may be an issue. Therefore, we present a way you can get your followers, likes, views. We provide Real, Organic & Safe promotion Packages.

No #1 Spotify Promotion.

Spotify Promotions by Black White Promotion,

01 million streams can get you around 6 – 8 k from Spotify! So as well as promoting your music to the new audience, you are making a profit by using our promotion services.

Artists should buy Spotify promotion services to get into the Official Spotify Chart. Your goal must be to get plays on Spotify by boosting your fan base, reaching new people, and get noticed in the industry.

With our services, you put your music into the best playlists on the market!

No #1 YouTube Promotion.

Buying YouTube subscribers has become a debating topic in the modern creators’ world. With over a billion monthly viewers the platform has become one of the best video creation places online for all sorts of creators. YouTube gives passionate creators like you to showcase your work in a format that is easier to consume and more accessible to a larger audience than you are to reach on your own. However, it has become one of the most competitive platforms in the world which is why creators are looking into innovative ways to grow their channels with new ideas and ways, like buying YouTube subscribers.

However, people have a lot of opinions about paying to get YouTube subscribers. Why people buy YouTube subscribers?, what happen when you buy YouTube subscribers?, how to buy real YouTube subscribers?… These are some of the burning questions in the community and in the world to which we are going to give clear answers today.

No #1 Beatport Promotion.

Get your track on the prestigious Beatport Top 100 Chart, with our custom Beatport promotion. This is only one of Black White’s tailor-made music promotion services, adapted to your specific needs and the specifics of your track and genre. Get professional promotion fine-tuned to your tunes and see results in just days.

Why You Should choose Music Promo Artist


Every artist needs to promote their music. Online music promotion has to be multifaceted. It cannot be just about one song promotion. The best music promotion services are comprehensive campaigns that boost the outreach, endorsement, and popularity of an artist.

The outcome of chosen music promotion packages should be measurable. A major problem of online promotion and especially social media marketing and campaigns on streaming platforms is the spectrum of claims that cannot be vetted.

The impact should be measurable and there should be irrefutable statistics or data proving that the objective has been achieved. Music Promotion Corp offers effective online music promotion and the deliverables can be lucidly measured and assessed.

Our Music Promotion Packages are Affordable

Online music promotion does not have to be expensive. There are many music promotion companies that have their packages priced at exorbitant costs.

Premium Promotions Corp is one of the most affordable music promotion services right now. You can start your online music promotion for as little as five dollars. There are some packages for likes and other services that cost even less. We have reasonable prices as a part of our policy and then we have discounts applicable for nearly all our packages.

Some discounts are as huge as seventy-five percent. You can avail music promotion packages worth over a hundred dollars for one-third of the cost and at times for less.Our music promotion packages are also neatly classified.

There are starter plans, bestseller and viral campaigns among others. These plans are designed specifically to address different needs. Not every artist requires a thousand plays immediately. Many artists require a viral online music promotion campaign to get their compositions noticed. We have a fine blend of every type of music promotion services you will need from time to time.

Many of our clients choose our online music promotion primarily due to the price, of course, being assured by the guaranteed delivery. Since all our service deliverables are measurable there is no ambiguity as to whether or not the plays, likes, shares, reposts, fans or listeners and followers have been delivered.

Our music promotion services are safe and reliable!

None of the music promotion packages we offer will get your account suspended or banned. There will be absolutely no suspicion whatsoever. No one gets to know that you are buying plays, likes, followers or other services. Even viral campaigns are planned well to make sure they look organic.

We have a stringent privacy policy. No information about the service you choose or any of our correspondence gets shared with a third party. All correspondences are via secured servers and you have to provide only the link to your music for plays and likes or profile in case you want subscribers or followers.

You do not have to share the password. Unless the username is necessary to deliver followers, you do not have to provide that information either. Only a link to your song or album shall be enough for us to deliver the music promotion services.

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